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What is the best way of implementing a cache for a PHP site? Obviously, there are some things that shouldn’t be cached (for example search queries), but I want to find a good solution that will make sure that I avoid the ‘digg effect’.

I know there is WP-Cache for WordPress, but I’m writing a custom solution that isn’t built on WP. I’m interested in either writing my own cache (if it’s simple enough), or you could point me to a nice, light framework. I don’t know much Apache though, so if it was a PHP framework then it would be a better fit.



February 16, 2017 at 10:08 am admin_lifexite

If a proxy cache is out of the question, and you’re serving complete HTML files, you’ll get the best performance by bypassing PHP altogether. Study how WP Super Cache works.

Uncached pages are copied to a cache folder with similar URL structure as your site. On later requests, mod_rewrite notes the existence of the cached file and serves it instead. other RewriteCond directives are used to make sure commenters/logged in users see live PHP requests, but the majority of visitors will be served by Apache directly.

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Why can’t use a wygwam editor here?

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