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This may seem like a daft question, but i was wondering about how to use MVC frameworks on hosted servers.

I am playing about (albeit slowly) at home with the RoR on Ubuntu and understand that if i want to do a live site then i need hosting with Rails and Ruby.

However, what happens about the PHP frameworks. For example i have seen in the past all about the CakePHP but lately i have just come across the Symfony project and was thinking that if i had a server stack set up i could develop at home, how would i go about deploying anything live.

How do i use php command line on live servers, and how would i go about installing the framework on another server.

This is all hyperthetical at the moment as i am just thinking about it, but it is a question that i have thought of in the past.



February 16, 2017 at 10:03 am admin_lifexite

Not every framework needs things installed or configured via the command line or even the php.ini file. I believe CodeIgnitor is like this – you can just put the path to the base CI directory in the path and off you go. I’m sure there’s documentation about how to use symfony on a hosting solution. In fact, this document explains how to use symfony on shared hosting.

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