CV: Michael Pedersen










April 17, 1966, 53 years

Field of interest:


Entrepreneurship, management, science of nature, technology, growth, environment, health and IT as supportive tool for humanity.
Owners experience:
1997- 2003 Mgm buyout 5%, FourLeaf Technologies A/S, from €10 to >€100 mill turnover, >100 employees and offices in all Nordic countries, planned exit strategy.


2005 – present Founded, Fourgate Holding ApS
2005 – 2011 Founded, HostIT A/S 60%, hosting company for enterprise hosting, corporates and listed companies, from €0 to >€1.5 mill turnover, planned exit strategy.


2010 – present Founded Applicate IT A/S 100%, sleeping child until 2013
2010 – 2013 Founded LakeFishing Denmark 50%, supported a family business, tourism concept, planned exit strategy

2011 – 2013 Buy-in, Applicators ApS 33%, custom built software , CEO, managing complete turn-around, re-branding, sales, growth, innovation development, planned exit strategy

2014- present Growth of Applicate IT A/S, born global, custom built software, own offices in

Denmark and in Vietnam, employs 16 full time IT-professionals. Part time CEO

2015 – present Founded bosoLog ApS 40%, joinventure company, within IoT and advanced sensor technology for global in transit sensoring, with 2 Top 20 DK companies as contributing test customers. Still in technical development phase.

2015 – present Founded AwareCare ApS 40%, joinventure company, within elderly health care. Developed together with and used by Horsens Municipality. Cheated by partner, looking for new CEO and investor

2017 – present Co-founded aMultiply Asia ApS 65%, join venture company, within Supply Chain Services and Trading platform between Western and Eastern retail markets. Offices in Denmark and Vietnam, in good growth. Chairman, technical advisor.

2018 – present Co-founded GSA Secure ApS 15%, join venture company, within personal assault alarming, handling all roles: Victim, Colleagues/Family, Alarm Central, Guard Companies and Guards. Biggest Carpark Company in Denmark among the customers. In good growth. Board member, technical advisor.

2018 – present Co-founded LifeXite ApS 25%, join venture company, within health care concepts for Outplaced Childrens and Govermental management

First application Digital Run is ready for development, part-time CTO and board member.

Past board experience:
1997 – 2002 Member, co-owner of the partner holding company behind FourLeaf Technologies A/S
2002 – 2003 Member, 1klik A/S (closed)
2005 – 2010 Member, HostIT A/S (exit plan, sold to TDC Hosting / Itadel)
2009 – 2012 Member, President 2010-2011, Silkeborg Rotary Club (60 members)
2010 – 2013 Chairman, LakeFishingDenmark ApS (family business run by my cousin, exit plan)
2011 – 2012 Member, Applicators ApS (exit plan, sold to partners)
2011 – 2015 Member, IT forum, Denmark’s largest knowledge network for IT-suppliers and customers.
2013 – 2014 Chairman, The Sweet App’s ApS, closed and took over all activities per Oct 2014
Current boards:
2013 – present Member, Applicate IT A/S
2015 – present Member, bosoLog ApS, company in advanced IoT sensor technology for the industry.
2015 – present Member, AwareCare ApS, innovative Health Care solutions for nursing homes, dementia and late-brain injury
2017 – present Chairman, aMultiply Asia IVS, Supply Chain Services and Trading platform, Denmark and Vietnam
2017 – present Member, GSA Secure ApS, personal assault alarming and tracking
2018 – present LifeXite ApS, Outplaced Childrens care for progress, software concept,
Work experience:
2019 – present LifeXite ApS, part time CTO
2013 – present Applicate IT A/S, part time CEO
2011 – 2013 Applicators ApS, CEO
2005 – 2011 HostIT A/S, CEO
2003 – 2005 IntraNote A/S, Technical sales executive
2002 – 2003 1klik A/S, CEO
1996 – 2002 FourLeaf Technologies A/S, Technical vice president
1992 – 1996 erhvervs-gruppen, danmark A/S, Technical manager
1990 – 1992 erhvervs-gruppen, danmark A/S, Software developer
1985 – 1989 APV Pasilac Electronics A/S, Data technician and Software developer


2012 Masterclass Diploma, “Supply Chain Management” by professor Jan Stentoft Arlbjørn, Syddansk University
2012 Masterclass Diploma, “Strategy in winning companies” by strategical advisor Mikael Vest
2011 Masterclass, “Leadership and organizational behavior” by professor Laura Morgan Roberts, AVT Business School
2003 – 04 Mercuri International, “Professional Sales”
1998 IBM 3×3, management education
1994 – 96 Diplomas in Specialized Business Studies, Mgm & Coorporation, Corporate organization, Business economics
1990 – 91 Diplomas in Specialized Computer Science, OOD, DBMS/SQL
1984 – 89


Data technician specialized in both Hardware and Software development, main specialization into System design and Software Development (C, C++). Graduated with the highest distinction