CV: Kristina Hjortedal 



Contact Details                              

Full name:         Kristina Hjortedal

Date of birth:    27. february 1980

Nationality:       Danish

Qualification:    MSc IT Project Management





I’m a 40-year old IT-professional who holds a MSc IT Project management from AARHUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, DENMARK. I focus on analysis, system requirement, project management and communication in the LifeXite project, managing and building from Requirement Specification to Turn key roll out and iterative versionings hereafter.


Professional experience

2019- :  Project Manager in Applicate IT, managing the LifeXite ‘s software requirement and delivery.

2018-2019:  Project Manager in TESTVIO, a start-up company.

As project manager my primary tasks was to prepare requirements specification for recruitment software, plus information gathering, stakeholder interviews and research and prioritization of functionality. Further I communicated with possible developers including conducting mini workshops with the developer team. In particular, I received praise for a elaborate and unambiguous requirement specification both by the management and the developers.

2017–2018:  Project Manager in PDC, a start-up company.

As project manager, I was responsible for compiling all material related to the company’s strategy, structure, processes, brand and communication, which I received great praise for succeeding. Furthermore, in collaboration with the company’s director, I helped to find the right business partners and build a relationship with them and also contributed in the sales meetings and processes hereof. My director found that I was a big win for the company and he appreciated sparring with me around the company.

2013–2016:  Consultant in SUNSPRING LAB

My primary tasks were IT-related communication tasks in the form of copywriting, editing, proofing as well as preparation of web pages and communication material plus branding tasks, marketing and PR. A large part of my tasks also involved conducting workshops and teaching in communication, personal development and networking. In addition, I facilitated networking events, courses and conferences. I was also responsible for the selection and booking of business executives and management consultants in a large management conference in Vejle.

2010–2013:  IT Consultant in SOGETI DENMARK.

External consultant with clients in the financial industry. Served primarily as software tester with tasks such as test design, case preparation, test execution, reporting. I especially enjoyed the collaboration with the developers. I also took on assignments as project coordinator, project manager and co-teacher in Sogeti’s test courses. Not least, in my spare time, I successfully organized events such as go-cart, table football and high-flying for my colleagues.

2008–2009:  Project Assistant in SIEMENS IT SERVICES & SOLUTIONS, TAASTRUP

In this position I had, among other things, responsibility for supporting project managers of IT projects including ifm. project plans and project reporting. Furthermore, I was the prime mover in improving and systematizing the company’s onboarding process incl. preparation of training material for new employees. I also supported a director with ad hoc assignments.

2006-2008:  IT Support & teacher in IT AFDELINGEN, AARHUS SCHOOL AF BUSINESS

My two primary functions were to act as an IT supporter as well as an IT teacher for students as well as school teachers and professors. As part of the teaching, I prepared in collaboration with a colleague teaching material incl. assignments for the students. Further filming and editing tasks.


Academic Qualifications

MSc IT Project Management

THEORY U, course series at Aarhus University, Aarhus

LEAN MANAGEMENT IN PRAXIS, Competence Forum, Copenhagen

SCRUM & AGILE TESTING, Sogeti / Mannaz, Copenhagen

TMAP NEXT FOUNDATION, Sogeti, Copenhagen

COACH EDUCATION, LS Consulting, Miami


Language and IT skills

Danish               ●●●●●
English              ●●●●●

MS Word          ●●●●●
MS Excel           ●●●●●