CV: Jonas Lindstrøm















Senior Security Architect

PhD. in mathematics


Overview Keywords: IT security, cryptography, blockchain

Jonas has a PhD in mathematics and has since then worked with software, it security and applied cryptography. Jonas has experience with advanced cryptography in general and blockchain in particular, and has been involved in several research projects on the topics. He is a popular speaker and has been used as an expert on blockchain in the media on several occasions[1]. Jonas has a theoretical background and practical experience with developing prototypes and with applied research, both with blockchains and distributed systems, but also in general with it security.






Senior Security Architect, Alexandra Institute

Software Engineer, CCI

PhD, Aarhus Universitet

Relevant Projects 2017-2018 Blockchain potentials in public digital infrastructure

Report written on behalf of the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency on the potential of using blockchain in the public infrastructure. Five cases from different sectors were analyzed and used as base for the analysis.

  2017-2019 SODA

Horizon 2020 research project with Aarhus University, Philips, TU Eindhoven, Göttingen University and the Alexandra Institute on using novel cryptographic techniques to allow analysis of sensitive data across different organizations and companies without compromising data confidentiality.

  2017 Blockchain for microgrids

In this project, a proof-of-concept on using blockchain as a building block in communication and payment in a smartgrid consisting of small producers was developed. The prototype was based on the Ethereum blockchain, and the project was supported by the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation.

  2016-2017 Security review of cryptographic protocols

Review of cryptographic protocols for a large Danish company in the financial sector. The review was of the design of the protocols both to be used internally to improve the solution, but also to show to the company’s clients.

Education 2009-2012


PhD in mathematics, Aarhus University

Cand. Scient. In mathematics, Aarhus University



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